“Exercise should be regarded as a tribute to the heart.” 

~ Gene Tunney

February is heart month. What are you doing to love yours? I know you hear it all the time, but regular, heart-pumping exercise is the key to better health, longevity and quality of life…and our bodies need – at a minimum – 150 minutes per week (that’s about 20 minutes a day).

No matter your fitness level, your goal is to consistently do a more than what is normal for you. If you’re currently inactive you may need to start small with a daily 10-15 minute walk (and build from there). If you’re active, push that intensity sometimes, or try something new!

Watch the short video below, or read the transcript that follows, then plan to go for a walk!

I’m a believer in daily movement of some sort. And all movement matters … but make sure at least three of your weekly efforts are intense enough that your heart muscle gets challenged and strengthened …30 minutes of dancing, running, biking, skating, skiing, swimming …if your heart rate is up, you’re doing it right.

But don’t over complicate things. Walking is one of the simplest ways to stay fit. It doesn’t require expensive equipment or a gym membership, you can do it anywhere with most anyone, and all the better if it gets you outdoors.

For motivation, get yourself an activity tracker that measure steps, and work toward 10,000 steps a day. That’s about 8km (or 5 miles). If that feels like a lot of walking, just know that you don’t have to do it all at once to get the health benefits. I love my Fit Bit because it keeps me honest on my lower activity days, and I’ll find ways to get in some extra steps so I hit my daily goal.

And don’t let the weather deter you. Dress for it, and get outside (watch my WINTER FUN video for tips to make it easier when it’s cold out).

And for even more information about the many benefits of walking, check out this comprehensive article on 50 amazing health benefits of walking daily.

Love your heart so you’ve got health and energy on your side to conquer your work-life recharge. Until next time, I’m Michelle Cederberg walking to health, with Lilly’s help.

Michelle Cederberg, MKin, BA Psyc

Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)
Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP)
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
ORSC Trained Team Coach

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