Thanks for watching my latest episode of Dream BIG, think small on my Energy TV youtube channel. As promised here are some additional resources to help you on your way.

First off, if you’re somewhat unfamiliar with that little inner critic voice inside you (also called Saboteur, Gremlin, Resistance) this article might be an interesting read for you. Recognize your Saboteur You’ll be asked to pay attention to the voice and see what it says to you. It’s not always fun to connect to that voice but it’s always helpful.

In the video I mentioned two books by Steven Pressfield. The first is called ‘The War of Art’ and it’s a brilliant in your face look at how we hold ourselves back from getting the job done.

He wrote a smaller ‘quick read’ book called Do the Work which is based on the information in this book. They’re both GREAT reads.

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