Rethinking the Rules that Shape How We Work & Live

In our busy lives we often feel guided by the belief of ‘not enough’; not enough time, not enough energy, not enough clients, not enough money. So for many, the idea that you can have it all is often met with resistance. But what if you could?

When it comes to creating the life and career that we truly deserve it often comes down to two variables – choice and change – the choices that we make regarding how we use our time, energy and resources, and the things we’re willing to change to get the outcomes we desire. Are you focusing on the right things?

Michelle Cederberg is a High-Performance Coach and change agent who believes you can Have It All provided you’re prepared to do the right work, on the right things at the right time. In this eye-opening keynote you will:

  • Learn Michelle’s 5 P’s of Having It All and why each is important in your quest for success.
  • Define what having it all means to you, and identify your right things.
  • Rethink the rules that shape how you live and work, and then;
  • Discover how to renegotiate and realign your thoughts, behaviours and actions to create the outcomes you desire.

Ideas and laughs converge in this high-energy keynote, and attendees leave with a renewed sense that it’s possible to Have It All in life and career. This is the ideal session to launch your event!

Download the full keynote description here: You CAN Have it All keynote www worklifeenergy com

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