Health as your Competitive Edge for Leadership and Peak Performance*

When work demands are high, and the schedule is full, it’s far too easy to let lack of time and energy guide how you take care of yourself. It seems there’s always something more important to do, but when health gets pushed aside, it has a direct and often negative impact on energy, productivity, and brain power. Not to mention what it does for wellness and quality of life.

More and more research shows that the very health practices we push aside in the name of work progress, are the keys to better leadership and peak performance. In fact, health provides the ultimate competitive edge for business success. In this session, you will:

  • Be reminded of the many physical benefits of exercise, eating right, sleep and stress management.
  • Explore the benefits of health beyond the physical, especially regarding brain functions like long-term memory, attention, problem-solving, mental focus, and creativity.
  • Examine how a health boosts emotional wellness, self-confidence and social connectedness, and why they matter for success.
  • Assess your current health-practices; what’s going well, what’s missing, and what you shouldn’t be without.
  • Identify effective, time-efficient ways to optimize your health, and that of your teams, so you show up every day mentally, physically and emotionally dialed-in.

And think about this: If you’re already knocking it out of the park with career success, imagine how much more you’ll be capable of when you prioritize health as non-negotiable part of your business plan?

*This can also be done as a 3-hour workshop