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The Surprising Downside of Creating Space in your Schedule

The Surprising Downside of Creating Space in your Schedule

I’m in week 7 of my helping hiatus, and through awareness and deliberate action, I got what I wished for, which is more time. I’m celebrating that win, because I’ve definitely felt more focused and productive. At the same time, I also have to share the honest downside of having more time.

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This is Exactly How to Say NO

This is Exactly How to Say NO

"Think before you act; think twice before you speak." ~ Thomas Browne Sometimes we get caught saying YES to something, simply because we don't take the time to think before responding. This can be especially true when people initiate the surprise attack when asking...

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5 ways saying YES may cause you stress

5 ways saying YES may cause you stress

"Think before you act, and act on what you believe." ~ Bo Bennett This week I'm digging in on the reminder I've shared several times during this 'helping hiatus' experiment. If helping someone else is hurting you, it's not helping. In this short video I share five...

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One benefit of saying NO more often

One benefit of saying NO more often

This whole concept of MAKING time for things that matter, rather than finding time in a schedule that has none… well it’s something I need to be reminded of regularly. When we’re busy, most of us do, because everything feels urgent. But is it?

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The Power of the Protected YES

The Power of the Protected YES

I call my workouts my ‘non-negotiables’ and it’s one area of my life where I consistently say YES to myself. That got me thinking, because there are so many other important tasks I need to accomplish every week that I don’t protect in the same way. Curious right?

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Lessons learned from learning to say NO.

Lessons learned from learning to say NO.

There’s nothing wrong with helping unless it’s not helping you get through your own to-do, or if you end up feeling resentful for the lost time, or if you … well, there are a lot of situations where saying yes might cause you stress…so it’s worth paying attention to.

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Michelle was one of our keynote speakers at our recent Women’s Leadership Forum. She was full of energy, a true professional and gave our attendees the key takeaways needed to boost their energy, be productive, increase their efficiency skills and further their personal and professional success. She was a true pleasure to work with!
Stacy Powers, International Association of Exhibitions and Events
Michelle was one of our keynote speakers at our Safety startup meeting. Her positive energy was awesome. She delivered on lighting up the room and gave effective information for our guys to use at work and in their personal lives. I would certainly recommend her for your next event. Again, thank you Michelle for taking the time to brighten our day.
Mike Kirk, Kehoe Construction, Inc.
We invited Michelle in to speak at our annual staff professional development event. Michelle was such a breath of fresh air for our organization! Michelle was exciting, energetic, funny and relatable. Prior to the start of her presentation she engaged with the crowd and really got to know us, which made everyone in the room feel as though she was a part of the team.

Her presentation was tailored to fit exactly what we needed to hear as early childhood educators and what steps we could take to paving a successful, fulfilling life.  We purchased her book “The Success-Energy Equation” and many staff have already started to read and enjoy the information she shares.  We have heard tons of great feedback from the day - Michelle would be a great fit for any event!
Katelyn Hamilton, Mount Royal Early Learning Centre
Michelle is well known in our organization for being a bright light with a charismatic and energetic personality that can hold the attention of every crowd she stands in front of!  We hired Michelle to be a keynote speaker at our Health and Safety Conference, and asked her to emcee as well because we realized that only Michelle could bring the level of energy and engagement that we were looking for throughout the whole day. She is a true professional and demonstrates a clear desire for helping people achieve a higher level of success. From the moment Michelle said yes to our request, we had full confidence that she would knock it out of the park, which she did, and then some! We look forward to working with Michelle on future events and cannot recommend her enough!
Brittany Wickham, City of Fort St. John
Michelle was a keynote speaker at our annual health and safety conference, and gave us a high energy, humorous, personal, and captivating presentation. It was a great mix of entertainment and practical ‘take-aways' that our audience can apply in their professional or personal lives. Michelle tailored her presentation to construction safety professionals, and our post-conference survey results were very positive. Michelle was easy to work with, on time, and professional. She is a brilliant speaker, and we highly recommend her.
Michael McIntyre, BC Construction Safety Alliance
Michelle Cederberg was the emcee and a keynote speaker at our 25th annual Mining Health and Safety Conference, which also marked our first in-person conference since the pandemic. As emcee, Michelle’s sense of humour and positive energy captivated the audience and kept them engaged. Her personal story of loss due to a workplace incident brought a heartfelt message to our delegates, and her insights on how to regain focus to increase safety and productivity while reducing stress were invaluable. We were very impressed by Michelle’s ability to collaborate with other speakers to tie in key themes that emerged during the event. This resulted in a tailored experience for the attendees and demonstrated Michelle's versatility as a speaker. Overall, Michelle is a true professional and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for any event.
Mike Parent, Health and Safety Services, Workplace Safety North
Michelle is an absolute rock star and was the perfect keynote speaker to kick off our early morning conference start time.  From the moment she stepped on stage she was energizing, vibrant, and captivating.  She drew in our large, diverse group of attendees and held their attention through a perfectly paced showcase of humour, relatable experiences, inspiration and realistic, tangible goal setting strategies. This attention to timing combined with her ability to adapt her style to the atmosphere in the room absolutely showcased her strong relevant content, professionalism, and complete talent as a motivational speaker.  Her detailed overview of “The Success Energy Equation” provided a concrete path to follow in a wide variety of situations and her presentation style breathed fresh inspiration into attendees to go after those unfulfilled goals.

We have had the absolute pleasure to call Michelle a 2 time Spark Speaker Alumni and would not hesitate to recommend her to any organization looking to translate ideas into action.  She truly seizes the freaking day, and you cannot help but be inspired by it.
Suzanne Young, Spark Women’s Leadership Conference
Michelle Cederberg was the opening Keynote speaker at our industry convention and hit it out of the park! Her talk on the “Success Energy Equation” was perfect for the post pandemic crowd, and Michelle was able to break it down into meaningful and valuable insights. Michelle also did the work to ensure she knew the current affairs of our industry which enabled her to tie in key messages that created measurable take home value for the attendees. Her highly engaging and often humorous comments made it fun, but she also ensured we did not miss the important points of her presentation.
Desirée Bombenon, The Canadian Call Management Association
Michelle’s opening keynote presentation to our Professional Development Symposium was truly fantastic. It was a very dynamic, energetic, humorous, down to earth, and motivating presentation with excellent use of visuals and camera angles to help keep the virtual audience engaged. There was an absolutely enthusiastic delivery of a phenomenal “math” diagram for success, which received a lot of positive feedback from the audience. Michelle was easy to work with leading up to the Symposium and we would definitely recommend her as a keynote speaker that interests, entertains and inspires.
Kristjana Dunn, Northwest Territories and Nunavut Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists
Michelle was wonderful to work with and really took the time to collaborate with us to customize her message and focus on topics that were relevant to our group.

We conducted a survey after the event and the results showed that >90% of the team were very satisfied by her presentation. Michelle was very impressive, and really exceeded all the previous guest speakers we used in the past.

She did a fantastic job at getting the attention of the group with her lively and energized presentation. Everyone in the room left motivated and re-engaged. Shell Retail would highly endorse Michelle for any audience.
Michelle Watt & Anne-Sophie Branjon, Shell Retail Canada
This is our second time bringing Michelle in as the main keynote to open our conference. Michelle brings energy and humour exactly when it is needed and delivers such an important message. Her enthusiasm and approach keep you engaged throughout… everything we wanted in our keynote address. I highly recommend Michelle as a keynote speaker for any event.
Trish Kroeger, WinField United Canada
When planning our Development Summit we wanted an opening speaker that could really set the tone for the day, and Michelle did just that! Her amazing energy and thoughtful content had the entire room engaged. Every person there could resonate with her message, and her delivery kept the audience laughing. In our post-event survey, guests raved about Michelle! I cannot say enough good things, and we loved working with her!
Emily St.Pierre, Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association
Michelle delivered a blast of fun and energy as a keynote speaker at our year-end event.  Her sense of humour and easy conversational style kept the audience engaged and amused throughout the presentation.  Michelle shared valuable and practical insights on how to effectively manage stress and navigate the challenges we typically encounter on the path to achieving personal and professional success. We received a lot of positive feedback on Michelle from the audience, and would certainly recommend her as a keynote speaker for your next event.
Sharon Zaidi, Women@Enbridge, Calgary
Recreational boating was a benefactor of the pandemic and the corresponding boost to sales created waves of anxiety for our Senior Managers and owners. On top of supply chain challenges, operational cost escalation, interest rate increases and overall inflationary pressures, the continuing staffing conundrum facing many businesses also wreaked havoc for our crews. Boating Ontario brought Michelle in as our closing keynote to really pull together 3 days of education and networking and drive home the need to simply get the freakin' work done. And I am so pleased to say that Michelle absolutely exceeded our expectations. Her presentation was dynamic, energetic, relatable and hard hitting all at the same time. Thank you Michelle for exceeding our expectations!
Rick Layzell, Boating Ontario Association
As a conference organizer, you want someone who will engage the audience. The 2022 LEAP Conference for Women was a hybrid conference. Not only did Michelle engage both audiences ( in-person and virtual) with her presentation, her humour and delivery energized the room as she had attendees laughing while learning. Thank you Michelle for not only being great to work with leading up to the conference, but for lighting up the stage during the LEAP Conference!
Sarita Parmar, Community Futures Fraser Fort George
Thank you to Michelle for the time spent with our delegates! Her straight-shooter style and humour built rapport with our attendees right out of the gate, and folks were laughing throughout while learning strategies to help refocus and deal with stress and overwhelm. Her high energy delivery, research-backed takeaways, and practical examples of ways to apply these concepts were exactly what we wanted to close out our conference. Do not hesitate to hire Michelle if you would like a speaker that interests, entertains, and inspires professionally and personally.
Ana Fuller, Local Government Management Association of British Columbia
The Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference stage has had the pleasure of presenting Michelle Cederberg for several years  - both in Calgary and Niagara Falls. She never disappoints in exuding her energy throughout the room.  Michelle brings great tips and tools to our audiences on how to deal with stress, and keep themselves revved up when day to day events get them down.  With an all woman audience, they appreciated her reminders on how to “take care of yourself first,” and make time and room for growth. Michelle is always well organized, entertaining and engaging.  She is a great presenter to open any conference.
Iris Meck, Director of Conferences
We brought Michelle to our team virtually for a Success-Energy session to help our staff get prepared for some upcoming organizational changes.  She explained goal setting and the paths and detours to success using experiences everyone can relate to.  Michelle uses humour to engage participants and maintains their focus with her relevant messages.  We received positive feedback from staff and we look forward to bringing Michelle back in person in the next five months for some additional guidance and some one-on-one coaching for our staff.  If you invite her to your next event you will not be disappointed!
Shawnee Newton, Carefree Society
Michelle Cederberg

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