“Mindset is what separates the best from the rest.”

~ John Assaraf

So much of what we have on our schedule any given day can feel like work. And sometimes it’s work we don’t really want to do, even though we have to. When it can’t be avoided, rather than suffer through to do, deploy this power move that all of us possess.

Watch the short video below to learn what it is, or read the transcript that follows… and make it a better day!

I am not gonna lie, it is absolutely freezing today… -20 in Calgary and I’m out for a dog walk with the lovely Islay, who is completely unfazed (she’s out there somewhere) by the cold. “Islay, come.”

And it got me thinking about what we were talking about last week, about finding free time.

I don’t have a lot of free time today because I have to walk the dog twice because my husband’s away, and I have to teach a class and I have to, and I have to, and I have to….

ON days like these it’s easy get into this, ‘Oh, woe is me!’ situation where we tell ourselves, “I don’t have time to do things for myself.” (Say hi, Islay), “because I’m so busy doing other things for everybody else.” And it occurred to me that we need to change the narrative a little bit.

I have to walk my dog turns into I GET TO.

If it’s something that you have to do, try and reframe it into the good that you’re getting from it. Yes, it’s -21 but if I didn’t have to walk her, I wouldn’t be getting outside today. I just wouldn’t. But now I get some fresh air, and I get to experience the fresh snow, and I get to hang out and see how happy my dog is. (She is waiting for treats.)

And I have to teach a class later, but I also get exercise when I do that. I don’t want to go out today, but here I am, and I’m getting the free time from that, if I choose to reframe it. I usually use my dog walks to just contemplate the day and think about ideas and that kind of stuff, so it’s all good.

So, when you have to do it, and you don’t feel like you have time for yourself because of it, use those moments to shift that task that you have to do into something that you get to do for yourself. Reframe it.

And at the very least, if it still kind of sucks, just make sure you put it on that to-do list, and then check it off and get an endorphin hit!

Sometimes the best thing that can happen is that that thing that you didn’t want to do is now done. Check it off, get on with the day.

Until next time, I’m Michelle Cederberg reminding you that in order to Ignite High Performance, we do need time for ourselves. And to achieve that, sometimes we need to reframe tasks from I have to, to I get to. I get to go home and warm up with a second cup of coffee after this. Good grief Islay, the things I do for you! Until next time.

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