“Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want.”

~ Jim Rohn

Ever get overwhelmed with life? It’s not fun when everything feels chaotic, but it happens.

The busyness in my life continues, and in order shift my own perspective I had to remind myself this week of two very important truths that I thought I would share with you for when your life gets a bit nuts.

To hear what I have to say about my stuckness and what I’m doing about it, watch the video below or read the transcript that follows:

Ever feel like you’re not doing it right? This life thing…or your work thing…or the relationship thing? Gawd, this summer has felt ‘off’ for me. Like I’m not doing it right. I feel like I’m behind with work stuff, my house is a mess, I’ve not been as active as I usually am, or as social as I usually am (in-person and on my social channels), my dog has had multiple vet visits, my mom has been in hospital…plus, my garden isn’t even growing well this year, like I have any control over that. AND I was feeling guilty for taking holidays when so much crazy has been going on around me. I had to stop and give my head a shake and remind myself of TWO THINGS…

1) THIS IS LIFE… welcome to the circus. In it, there are so many things that we don’t have control over, and sometimes life gets overwhelming. That’s life. Also…

2) What’s working? What are the good things that I can embrace right now? In the chaos I’ve been dwelling on my messy house and my chaotic office and the list of things I haven’t completed. I’ve been focusing on all the crap that hasn’t been working as it usually does, instead of what’s working. And a lot of things have been working:

  • I’ve spent a good portion of my spare time this summer WRITING. I’m determined to get book #2 finished in the next month or so, and man does it take a lot of effort. It means a lot of other projects have taken a back burner, and I’ll eventually get back to them when this book is done. GOOD THING!
  • I spent a week in B.C. visiting my 85-year-old mom who had a cancer scare. She’s feisty and recovering in hospital and I got to spend time with her, visiting and making sure things were taken care of. When family stuff comes up what else is there? Plus, between hospital visits I got a lot of writing done, and spent some time with my big sister. GOOD THING!
  • I’ve had speaking gigs this summer and another work project that I don’t usually have this time of year that have made my usually quieter months much busier. Complain about work when I’m self-employed? Nope. Work is a GOOD THING!
  • My hubby and I have had plenty of opportunity to play – together and with friends – here and away, and we’ve had A LOT of fun. We always do. GOOD. THING.

It’s been a weird summer for me… or maybe different is a more accurate descriptor…and in that, there’s been a whole lot of good too.

If you’ve ever felt like I’m feeling right now – busy, overwhelmed, out of sorts, pulled-in-multiple-directions – (good grief, who hasn’t?) stop and remind yourself THAT’S LIFE… then focus on the wins. They’re always there is you look closely enough.

AND I’ll also throw out this gem of a reminder…you can’t control what’s out of your control! So, let that shit go.

I can’t control the weather, so my tomatoes may be ripening indoors this fall, and we haven’t had a single outdoor BBQ with friends this summer. I can’t control the fact that my dog is aging or my mom needed hospitalization or that one of the cycle classes I teach got cancelled over the summer, or that the emergency brake on my car BROKE, so I had to take it to get fixed (and who has time for THAT?)…or that there are only 24 hours in a day when I feel like I need 48. [DEEP BREATH] Enter the ‘Serenity Prayer’:

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

It’s a great daily check-in to remind us to focus on what we can control and let the rest of it go.

I do hope you’ve had a wonderful, stress-free, on-top-of-everything kind of summer. I really do! And, if it’s been more like mine… that’s life. Focus on what’s working, let go of what you have no control over, and trust that everything will settle out as it should.

What ARE you celebrating this summer? Share your wins in the comments below, share this post with someone who may need a boost, and join me on my social channels for more and different tidbits from me, Michelle Cederberg.

We only get one chance to do this life… I say DARE TO LIVE IT BIG, and dare to live it imperfectly.

Michelle Cederberg, CSP, MKin, BA Psyc

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