“Do not fear the leaves changing, for it is leading to the best season of your life yet.”

~ Jennae Gegelia

As summer comes to end, I admit I often get a bit wistful. I’m usually not ready for the shorter, cooler days and the responsibility that comes with my non-summer-schedule. That being said, once the temperatures actually drop and the leaves change, I start to get energized for the work ahead, and begin my transition into work-mode.

Sometimes that transition can feel a bit clunky, and I have to refocus my energy and reestablish my routines, so this week I’m sharing three reminders I recently gave myself that you might find helpful.

Watch the short video below, or read the transcript that follows, and make a plan for how you’ll fall into autumn.

We’re at the gap between summer ease and fall chaos. Holidays are over, back-to-school prep is in full swing, work demands are increasing, and shit’s gettin’ real. Do you feel it?

Hey Michelle Cederberg here, with a quick perspective check to help you transition from laid back summer livin’ to going large with work and life.

For me, the less scheduled summer pace will soon give way to a hectic, lots-of-speaking-engagements, back-to-travel, nutso existence.

I seriously can’t wait, but I’m also aware of how demanding my schedule will be… and I’m trying not to ‘pre worry’ unnecessarily. Pre-worrying, my friends, about things that may or may not happen, is not productive.

So, here’s three reminders I’ve given myself, that might benefit you:

1) It’s not meant to be easy. When you’re chasing something good, it’s worth working for, even if the work is hard. It’s happening because you’re doing something right. Eye on the prize, and keep going.

2) If you’re going, go with a full tank. Before things get too out-of-control, use your time wisely to recharge, and do the things that fill you up physically, mentally, and emotionally. Preferably guilt-free.

In the next two weeks I’m prioritizing time with friends and family, more rides on my new bike, and naps whenever I feel the need.

What about you?

3) Remember to breathe. Once the pace of life ramps up, keep up your mini self-care practices.

Like my shirt says… we’re Born Resilient, and sometimes we push too hard because of it. The push to succeed, however, is not meant to crush you under its weight. Create momentum to roll through the things you have to do, and remember to breathe in between.

Until next time I’m Michelle Cederberg reminding you we’ve got one chance to do this life, I say  Dare to Live It Big, and dare to drive success without driving yourself into the ground.

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