“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change  it, change your attitude.

~ Maya Angelou

When you’re working on tough tasks, how do you talk to yourself about it? It’s easy to whine and complain, but where will that get you? Don’t let negativity derail your efforts. Instead, look for the silver-lining, however small or inconsequential it may be, and get the job more enjoyably done!

In this short video Michelle shares a quick perspective shift to help you embrace the good in even the most challenging tasks. At the end she asks an important question and she wants to hear from you! Watch the video below, or read the transcript that follows.

Hey, Michelle Cederberg here, coming to you from a hotel room in Toronto. I’m kind of stuck here, I’ve got Board Meetings coming up in a day and a half, and so between my session in Ottawa yesterday and going home on Saturday, I thought I would use this as an opportunity to sit and write. I’ve got my snacks, I’ve got my coffee, I’ve got my water, and you can see my unmade bed behind me.

As I was struggling with the writing process today, I got to thinking. I was really in my head about making it a negative experience, “Oh my God, this is hard, and writing is hard, and I’m having a tough time with this.” And then I realized that I needed a bit of a perspective shift, because when I get to do this, when I get to sequester myself away, when I get to have time unencumbered to write, that is when the best things happen.

And so, it occurred to me that if we do a simple reframe of “Oh, I have to” into “Ooh, I get to,” then things look a little bit different. So I want you to think about the things that you’ve got going on in your life, in front of you right now, in your work, where you’re thinking, “Ugh, what a slog. I have to do this.”

Sometimes, yes, it feels like that, but what would happen if you started to say, “Ooh, I get to!?” “I get to go exercise today,” “I get to go outside and get some fresh air,” “I get to work on this book, and so I can work to get it done,” “I get to spend time doing these things so I can clear my to-do list.”

Whatever that is for you, take that simple reframe, shift from “Ugh, I have to” to “Oh yeah, I get to!” and see what kind of energy comes from that.

Wish me luck in the continued process of creating the book. It’s called “It’s How We Work,” and I’m learning a lot about myself in this process of writing about how we work, about discipline, mindset, goals, oh yes, and the energy that we need to crush those goals.

Here’s a question I have for you. If you’ve watched this video until the end, subscribe so you don’t miss the next one, but also tell me what kind of topics you want me to address in these videos. I’ve asked that question before, and I get some great responses, and let’s see what comes up. I will create based on what craziness you come at me with. And in the meantime, remember you’ve got one chance to do this life. I say dare to live it big. We GET to do this!

Michelle Cederberg, CSP, MKin, BA Psyc

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