This past July I reached a professional goal that was in excess of 5 years in the making.   At the National Speaker’s Association convention in Orlando, Florida I was awarded my Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation along with 17 other professional speakers from around the globe.

If you’re reading this you likely had a direct part in helping me fulfill the requirements of the arduous application process.  Perhaps you provided a testimonial letter on my behalf or completed the evaluation that is a part of the adjudication process?

Maybe you spoke with one of the representatives from NSA when they called to verify that my application information was factual or you spoke with my assistant as she worked to update information from clients I worked with 5 or more years ago?

Or, you might simply have been one of the over 100 clients who hired me to deliver one of the 250 presentations I had to document from the last 5 years.  What a crazy process!

Whatever your involvement, thank-you. I would not have been able to succeed at this goal without your help.

I’ve been speaking professionally for over 14 years and made it my full-time career 5 years ago, and it’s because of people like you who hired me and told other people about me that I have been able to grow my business  and keep doing what I love … and yes, eventually qualify for my CSP!

So, what’s the big deal about the Certified Speaking Professional designation anyway?

The CSP designation is conferred by the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) only on accomplished professional speakers who have earned it by meeting strict criteria.  CSPs must document a proven track record of continuing speaking experience and expertise as well as a commitment to ongoing education, outstanding client service and ethical behavior.  For you that means a guarantee that the speaker you hire has the experience and professionalism to help you make your event a true success.

Only 10% of the global speakers federation has earned this award and this year I shared the stage with recipients from the U.S.A., South Africa, Germany, and South America.  What a feeling!

I plan to make 2011 my best year yet. I have a new website at that authentically captures my energy and personality and it’s much easier for you to navigate.  It was built by the genius crew at

The new images were taken by the brilliant (who is also helping me with my videos for my youtube ENERGY TV channel).

I also have new presentations, a greater focus on 1/2 day workshops, and an innovative 10-week workplace wellness program now in place and I’d love to  tell you about it all.  Maybe we can work together again?

Please feel free to contact me and I’ll fill you in on all the great details! I look forward to opportunities to work with you in 2011 and beyond.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of hiring a CSP read this pdf: Why hire a CSP

…and once again, THANK-YOU!

Michelle Cederberg, CSP (Canada’s newest Certified Speaking Professional)
MKin, BA Psyc, CEP

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