“There are too many people praying for the mountains of difficulty to be removed, when what they really need is the courage to climb them.”
~ Raili A. Jeffery

What about you?

Life is tough. Change is hard. There aren’t enough hours in the day. Well nobody said it was going to be easy now did they? But you still want what’s on the other side of those mountains don’t you; better health, financial security, a stronger business, a happier relationship?

So quit waiting for the mountains to move. They’ll get out of the way once you kick into action, and all it takes is a little forward momentum. Take the first step into the change you desire. Don’t think about the finish line, or even your second or third steps, just get started.

Your courage will multiply with every step so what are you waiting for? Do that thing you’ve been dreaming of. Start that project, end that relationship, ask that person to dinner, go to that exercise class, take that step. Climb on my success seeking friend, climb on!

Energy Now Tip #66: Schedule in some fun. Allow 5 minutes every day to just BE. Keep at least 40 percent of your working day flexible. (Chapter 4 – Taking Down the Time Bandits, pg. 80 Energy Now!)


Energy TV: In keeping with this week’s message, here’s a segment we filmed last summer on our mountain bikes. Overcoming Obstacles

Energy NEWS

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