Life is made of millions of moments, but we live only one of these moments at a time. As we begin to change this moment, we begin to change our lives.”

~ Trinidad Hunt

One moment at a time …

Life is lived one moment at a time but too often we miss the moment. Why is that? Well, in the push to do it right we spend too much time in the past reflecting on what didn’t work. We also jump too many steps into the future figuring out how we’ll do things differently, and in both cases we miss what’s happening right here. What’s happening right here?

How’s your energy? What sort of emotions are you carrying with you today? What feels good about right now? What do you need? What would you change?

Right now take a moment to decide what you want and then take one step toward that. Your need could be as uncomplicated as stopping that tummy grumble, or as overwhelming as scheduling a difficult discussion with a loved one or co-worker. It could be as simple as taking notice of what’s happening out your window, or as complex as seeking the answer to the pain in your left knee. No matter what, it all starts with one step. It all starts with this moment.

Energy Now Tip #74: Ah kindness. Be as nice to your family members as you are to co-workers, friends, neighbors and strangers. Don’t they truly deserve your best energy? Say good morning, thank you, and have a great day as often as you can. Smile more. Kindness is FUN! Want more of that?  (Read Chapter 11, The Kindness Experiment in Energy Now!)
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