Well, it’s week 2 of the Energy Experiment. Are you still on board? Here’s a quick video update from me, and some food musings that you may find helpful.

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SAY NO to the Buffet Breakfast!

After my workout I went to the hotel restaurant to grab breakfast. As I sat down I was offered the regular menu OR for just $16 I could have the full buffet complete with coffee and juice. Now I don’t fall for the lure of “for just $4 more you can have ALL OF THIS”, but my post-workout belly was grumbling so I went against my smarts and chose MORE FOOD. Bad decision.

The buffet had lots of choices, sure but there are 2 reasons why I should have said NO to the Buffet Breakfast (or any buffet for that matter). Please learn from my mistakes.

1) You don’t get FRESH. The food had been sitting in the warming trays no doubt since breakfast started and it was now 9 a.m. Dry eggs, shriveled ham, and crispy pancakes. YUM.

2) It doesn’t matter how much willpower you have, you will always eat more than necessary when faced with a buffet. I would have been perfectly fine with a simple eggs on toast breaky but NO, I had ham AND bacon, fruit AND orange juice, toast AND french toast, rubbery scrambled eggs AND mushy quiche.

And even though I took wee portions of each, I still ate more than I needed.

When YOU get to a restaurant sit for a moment, peruse the menu and ask yourself what you really need and want to eat right now. Choose wisely because it’s a lot harder to burn the calories than it is to eat them.

Enjoy week 2 of the Energy Experiment and stay aware of all the small ways you can add on exercise and remove food calories. Here’s a quick article to give you ideas! Fitness and Food – Ways to Save

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