Ever set a big, juicy goal for yourself that you’re excited to tackle…and then you realize it’s going to take a lot of work? Maybe more than you imagined? But you’re committed so you’ve got to do the work…but excitement had turned to fear…and NOW WHAT? …that’d be me!

53 videos in a year. What was I thinking? Why not 12? That I could manage…

Back in December I set a goal for myself to create 53 videos in 2017…yup, a video a week (with an extra one thrown in at the start just for kicks.) It seemed absolutely doable at the time.

Ideas always seem more manageable when they’re still in your head.

I’ve been wanting to get back to doing video for years… at least 4 years actually (Watch one of my very first videos at this link). I’d get excited and think “Yes, let’s do this.” And then I’d get side-tracked with other projects, necessary ‘work stuff’, easier tasks…distractions… and the video plan would get pushed aside. Many times if I’m truthful.

So when I recommitted to the goal, I had to make it exciting and challenging enough that I couldn’t easily push it aside. I chose a goal outside my comfort zone (53 versus 12 videos), I got my husband on board (after all, he’s my idea guy/videographer/director/editor extraordinaire), and I made a public declaration of my plans (to A LOT of people).

I don’t want to let myself down again, or my husband, or you, so I really need to do the freakin work.

But news flash, the goal still feels scary even though I’m excited about it (that’s normal by the way).

So what’s an excited but slightly freaked out gal to do? Bailing is not an option this go around (and it shouldn’t be for your goals either), so let me tell you what helped me.

Three steps…REFLECT, GET CLEAR, and WRITE IT DOWN! …well 4…because you also have to do the work, but these first three steps will increase that likelihood.

Reflect on what’s been working well in your life…and what hasn’t. Reflect on what you’d like to change and perhaps some of the things you’d like to explore. Think about what success will look like for you in the year ahead.

Get Clear about what it is you actually want for yourself personally and professionally. If you could only choose one goal for each what would it be? For some guidance on setting truly SMART goals watch my video and get excited about goal-setting!

Okay, so makes sense that you really have to take the time to identify the right goal…but why do we need to Write It Down?

1) Well, beyond the clarity you gain from writing the goal and fine-tuning as you do, having that written goal and looking at it regularly will spur you into action. It’s a lot easier to push aside a goal you’re only thinking about, but if it’s in your face every day, you’re more likely to get after it.

2) And by writing it down, you’ve created a mission statement of sorts to help you stay the course when time and energy may be in short supply. Think about it. If you’ve committed to the goal, it’s much easier to say no to less important, competing activities and yes to everything that will help you achieve that big goal…once and for all.

3) Writing down your goal also forces you to consider the obstacles that could get in your way down the road…and you will have them…believe me. So anticipate the obstacles before they pop up.

For this 53 in 2017 video project I sat down and wrote out a schedule for what a year of videos will look like. I thought about themes and time lines, locations, and people I want to interview… and yes, the overwhelm crept in a bit as I worked to fill the schedule, but something else happened that surprised me. I started to feel more confident and in control. One video a week, not 52 in one week!

A bit of planning and prep goes a long way to eliminate that element of surprise that can so easily knock us off course. No need for excuses!

4) And finally, when you take the time to reflect on what’s possible, to write out your goal and think beyond that comfort zone, what once was scary becomes exciting again! You’ll be reminded that your strengths and abilities are not fixed, but can improve over time … if you do the freakin’ work.

This project is helping me be more disciplined with how I use my time. I’m becoming more comfortable with writing. I’m getting more familiar with the camera and how I want to be in front of it. I’m learning how to best work with my husband, and I’m learning from him.

Who knows what else I’ll gain by working at this goal with clarity and consistency. Sky’s the limit!

So how about you? What’s your one big goal going to be? If it’s not clear, find a pen and piece of paper right now and start to figure it out. If you know for sure, write it down and start strategizing the first steps. Whatever you do, don’t keep your goal in your head. Let it out where the sunshine and oxygen can help it flourish!

And if you need a nudge, connect with me to learn about my coaching programs.

Until next time, I’m Michelle Cederberg on a mission to help you recharge your work and your life!