“As I see it every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself.”

~ Adelle Davis

Both are a temporary state. You can choose to boost your health or weaken it by the daily choices you make. A decision to go for a 10 minute walk improves your outlook, while a weak moment with the vending machine slows your progress. That low fat latte is a health positive choice against the full fat, full whip mocha you really wanted. A little more rest and relaxation is always a good decision.

Every day you have chances to choose rest, reduce stress, get some exercise, minimize intake of alcohol or sweets – all of which build health. Every day you can decide to skip your workout, eat poorly, stay up late, stress without taking action – all of which break down the physical machinery.

Health BOOSTER or BUSTER: which one are you?  This week be a health booster. Walk a bit more, skip the sweet or fatty snacks, turn off the TV and get out in the evening light, go to bed a half hour earlier. If you think it won’t make a difference I dare you to try. Adopt a healthy attitude. Kick illness and disease in the butt by getting off yours!


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