“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.”

~ Nelson Mandela

It’s a new year, and for me this time of year is less about setting resolutions (what this video to learn why), and more about taking stock of the work that’s been done, and asking myself what’s next. It has mostly served me well, but if I’m honest, I can be pretty hard on myself, and I’ll often complete a goal without celebrating that it’s done.

This year I’m changing that, because there’s a lot to celebrate. I’m starting with the video below. I’m delighted to share my new speaker reel, highlighting segments of some of my keynotes and the many stages I’ve been honored to speak on.

Watch it below, let me know what you think, and please share it with individuals and organizations who may benefit from having me speak…because that’s how I make my living.

Following the video I share a perspective shift around this whole process, triggered by a comment a good friend shared when I announced the video was finally done.

For the last five years I have been running my speaking business full time while also volunteering on a working board for my professional speaker’s association. It was a commitment that required a lot of work, but it was a great experience and taught me a lot. I took my roles seriously, especially as National President in 2022, even though the work often consumed 10 to 20 hours of my time each week.

Well, last year when I stepped into the Past-President position, I was sure my time would be significantly freed up, and I would be able to focus on the many business-building tasks I’d put on hold: website updates, a bit of rebranding, organizing my office, making a new speaker reel …the list was lengthy.


Big Plans Unrealized

Yes, I accomplished many tasks on my list, and I had a great year of speaking and travel, but I kept procrastinating on that darn speaker reel. It’s one of the tools us speakers use to generate more business, and mine was sorely out of date.

In my defense, they’re difficult to do, even with great help (like a videographer, editor husband). I had to watch hours of footage of myself on stage, and pull out segments I thought would work well in the short video my husband Ewan would eventually edit. I would watch segments and be critical of my performance, or what I was wearing, or the quality of the video, and then I’d inevitably get distracted by some other task and the video project would get set aside.

March, April, May I’d tinker with the project…June, too busy with work… SUMMER, bike, garden, play…September, October…I chipped away. Eventually though I knew it had to finish the speaker reel. I couldn’t let another year go by without getting this one BIG task done. I’d been nominated for the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame, and if I was lucky enough to be inducted at the end of the year, I wanted to have a new speaker reel ready to help spread the good news more impactfully.


Momentum, then a Pause

I dug in for two weeks at the end of November and delivered a list of video segments and ideas to Ewan, and then wanted him to get it edited for me in the six days I was away at my National Convention. Slave driver or what?!

Unfortunately for me, he was busy with clients who were paying him, but fortunately once I returned home (Hall of Fame award in hand…YAY!) we both had time to work on it together. We got to 90% completion, took some time off for the holidays, and then finished the project in the first week of January. (Pop champagne corks here).


Perspective Shift

Last week, in the lead up to the video release I had posted on social media that the final ‘interview segments’ had been shot, and the final product would be released in days… to which my good friend Tina commented “Congrats! It must feel great to start the year off with such a big win!” I’m paraphrasing because the comments disappeared with my IG Stories, but you get the idea. It was a lovely comment that I thanked her for, and yet my mind immediately went to, “Yeah, but I meant to have this video done last year at this time. I should have had this done sooner. I would have if I hadn’t kept putting it off.”

Do you hear any celebration in that? Nope. None. Nada. ZERO.

Instead of allowing myself to feel happy and proud, I’d stamped my accomplishment with a big, judgey “FINALLY, you lazy procrastinator.” 

Tina’s comment gave me pause, and caused a perspective shift for me that I want to share with you.

The completion of a long held goal is a WIN. End stop. Once we check that win off the to-do list (even if it was put on there a year ago) the expectations and timelines we carried with those goals should be set aside to make room for celebration.

So what that it took longer than you wanted. So what that you could have done it sooner if life hadn’t been competing with your time and energy. So what that you weren’t motivated at times, or other tasks needed doing. YOU GOT IT DONE! You did the thing. Celebrate the win!

For me, my ‘procrastination’ meant that the video we created could also include mention of my Hall of Fame induction, and I get to share it with friends, clients and colleagues alongside that pride-inducing award.

We can’t always focus on how we should have done it. Instead, let’s build on the momentum of every work-life win. ALL OF THEM…small, medium, or EPIC! When we start to pay attention, we’ll no doubt realize we’re getting an awful lot of good sh!t done every day.

So, what WINS do you need to celebrate (judgement free) from 2023, or from last month, or last week… or today? Share in the comments, and see how good it feels to be kinder and more supportive of yourself. That’s my 2024 plan.

Until next time I’m Michelle Cederberg reminding you that to Ignite High Performance, we need to embrace the wins, however they show up!

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