“A goal properly set is halfway reached.”

~ Zig Ziglar

Hey, Michelle Cederberg here. Week one of my June Goal Crusher Challenge. I’m taking the month of June, and asking you to pick a goal, small, medium, or large, that you can achieve in a month, or one that you just want to gain momentum with in June that you can continue with into July.

You can get involved by going on over to my Facebook page and also by paying attention to my weekly messages.

So what I’m going to be doing is asking you to get clear on that goal first off, and then every single week I’m going to be checking in with help, guidance, support and comments. And I’m going to be crushing a goal right along with you.

Watch the video below, or read the transcript that follows and then decide on your goal!

So, step one as I said, head over to my Facebook page to like and follow my page. While you’re there, you’ll see a post asking you to share your goal. You can do it right there on the Facebook page or you can send me a message, or you can email me.

So today, it’s two days until the end of the month. Friday, June 1st  is when we’re actually kicking off. Today I want you to get super crystal clear on your goal. Some of you have shared things like “I want to finish writing my book.” Somebody said that they want to finish an online course, or do an online program. One of you wants to do a couch to 5k run, and another one of you said you wanted to add in a.m. exercise – all fantastic goals! And if you’ve got more, share them with me.

And while you’re thinking about these goals, I want you to think: why is this goal so darn important?

For me, my goal is to write every morning, Monday to Friday, for at least half an hour with the goal to get at least a chapter a week done towards book number 2. Why this is so important to me is that I’ve been thinking about book number 2 for a very long time, I’ve started on various iterations of the book, and I finally have my topic. And I do not want another summer to go by without utilizing that time to the best of my ability to crank out pages, pages, pages.

You can hear how passionate I am? I’m going to do this!

So think about your “why.” Why is the goal that you’re choosing for yourself so damn important? Once you’ve done that, be specific about “when” and “where” you’re going to tackle this goal.

Once you know “what” the goal is, the “when” is how many days of the week or which days of the week … and for how long. The “where” is, am I going to be at the gym, am I going to be at my desk, am I going to be at work, where is it going to happen?

Get clear on “when” and “where” and for “how long” you’re going to do it because those clarifications are going to help you really get moving on whatever it is you want for yourself.

Once you’ve done that, write the goal down. Don’t keep it up in your head. Get it down on paper. I know how hard that is for some of you to do. Writing down that goal makes it that much more real, but if it’s a resonate, important goal, don’t you want to crush it? So let’s get it done even if it requires work because if it doesn’t, it’s probably not big and juicy enough.

So write it down, and by Friday morning I’m going to add a download to my Facebook page for you to use to write down those goals. And you can share it with me if you like.

I also want you to write it in your schedule or in your digital schedule. (Whatever way you collect your to-dos.)  I’m a good old-fashioned paper girl, and I’m going to be writing down the actual time in my schedule that I’m going to be writing.

Once you have your goal written down, and once you’ve scheduled it in, really start thinking about the things that will get in the way of you crushing that goal.

If I’m going to be writing first thing, it means I’m not staying up late the night before. It means I’m not drinking wine most days of the week (or at least not very much of it because I know it makes my head foggy.) I know I’ve got to clear the clutter from my desk the day before and I know I’ve got to clear the distractions from my office (no iPad, no phone, no computer notifications coming on.) These are some of the things that I know I need to do to create success. I also have to say no to things that are going to get in the way of the writing – at least for the month of June – with the idea to build some  momentum towards continuing this after the month is done.

After that, simply start at your goal. It’s Wednesday today, and you can start today. I know it’s not June 1st. It’s Thursday tomorrow, and you can start tomorrow, or you can start June 1st. But start. Start with small steps, start with imperfect steps. Don’t overthink it. Just do something towards that thing you want to do. Turn on that computer and get that program downloaded that you want to create, open up your computer and start writing again, put your running shoes on and get outside for a walk…whatever it is that you want to do.

And then check in daily on my Facebook page. Because I’m going to be sharing a question of the day, I’m going to be having conversations about what’s working, or what’s not, I’m going to have daily motivations. I’m also going to be sharing my journey through this because I’m testing my own success-energy equation. We’re going to be talking about direction (that’s the goal), the discipline that we need to do that thing, the mindset that we have to hold in order to be successful, and how health plays in to all of that. This is juicy and it’s fun.

And then every week on my weekly messages I’m going to be sharing another video, moving the process along, that I will also share on my Facebook page. Next week I’m going to be talking about discipline and those evil distractions. Share this goal challenge with anybody you think needs a goal kick in the butt. Subscribe to my You-Tube, like and follow on Facebook, and comment on what you’re thinking on both platforms, on Facebook, on video, on whatever it is. Let me know how this is going for you because I love to hear from you!

June goal crusher challenge. Let’s do this together and have some fun doing the freakin’ work. Until next week, I’m Michelle Cederberg helping you transform your life, one success-energy recharge at a time. Let’s do this!


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