“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

~ Chris Grosser

How about we create some opportunities next month?! If you’ve got goals that you’ve been dragging behind you for awhile, let’s change that. Join me through June for a Goal-crusher challenge, where we’ll work together to kick things into gear, and head toward goal success.

Today, pick a goal you want to crush – small, medium or large. Share it with me here (and at my Facebook Page), and next week we’ll begin to push past the barriers and excuses that get in the way of crushing those goals.

Watch the short video below, or read the transcript that follows… and then plan to join me for …

So, I’m here at Calgary airport and I realized I have to do a video for tomorrow’s message. And here I am standing in the airport being a little imperfect, because I have to get this task done and I don’t have time. But it works out perfectly because what I want to talk about this week is a about getting sh*t done, no matter what.

I’m putting out a challenge that I’m asking you to be a part of, starting next week.

A Goal-Crusher Challenge for June! So, what I want you to do is to pick a goal; something that you can achieve in a month – or maybe it will take longer – but something that you really want to start in June.

And every week I’m going to give you guidelines and tips here, but also on my Facebook Page where you’ll be able to share comments, ask questions and gain support from me and other goal crushers. Like and Follow my page if you haven’t already, and then you can find out how we’re going to crush these goals together.

My goal for the month of June is to write every single morning on my new book. The book is called It’s How We Work so I may as well get to work. I’ll save the sub-title until later (but it’s kind of fun). I’m going to commit to writing every morning, Monday to Friday, to complete at least a chapter each week in June. I’ll need your help. We can share motivation via my Facebook Page, plus I’ll be sharing a video each week here (and on YouTube) on the direction, discipline, mindset and health that you need, to crush your goals.

And so now I believe I have to go catch my flight to Saskatoon. Leave your comments below, sign up for my Facebook Page so you can take part in this fabulous challenge, and start thinking about the goal you want to crush starting next week. Let’s do this!


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