“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”
~ David Allen

Results come from action. Plain and simple. Because really, where’s the value in that great idea if it lingers in your grey matter for weeks or months… or longer?

There are three big benefits to moving ideas into action. 1) The time you’d normally use to over-think an idea is shifted toward implementation. Time saving. 2) Implementation enhances creativity and generates more and better ideas. Inspired growth. 3) As you move an idea out of ‘storage’ you will free up that valuable brain bandwidth to generate new ideas or focus better on this one. Clear thinking.

And a bonus benefit is that you’ll reach those long sought-after goals more quickly. Think less, do something. Then figure it out as you go! Great idea!

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High-performers exist at every level of your organization, so what are you doing to tap into your team and unleash their energy?

When you embrace the energy habits of high-performing people you show up as a leader and strive for success in all you do. You take on bigger challenges, and better manage stress. You find ways to take care of your energy – mind, body and spirit – no matter what is coming at you. You feel great about yourself and your capabilities. What’s possible from there?

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