“Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines.”

~ Brian Tracy


Michelle Cederberg here with your weekly Work-Life Recharge, talking a little bit more about goals and an insight that I recently had around them that I need to share with you.

Every week I get together with my friend Nancy. She’s a bit of a coach-mentor, but also a friend who is also writing, and we motivate each other. We’ve been helping each other through the book writing process and business growth, and at the beginning of the year we both decided to start writing down our goals in a more specific manner, and we’re also trying to check in with them regularly.

Watch the video below, or read the transcript that follows:

Yes, what do you know, walking my own talk; Write down your goals and review regularly. And I want to share the way that I’ve been doing this. I’ve got goals for physical health, for emotional & social health, for business growth, for business maintenance, and for financial health. Some of the goals are personal, some are professional, and many overlap.

I’m going to talk to you today about my growth goal in my business, and that is to write a book.

I call it my ‘Mac Daddy’ goal or my momentum goal to write that book because in doing so it’s going to get me a lot of other great momentum in other areas of my business. If I write the book it’s going to help to inform the keynote on the Success-Energy Equation, it’s going to help me populate my online program that’s coming in the next few months, and it’s going to help me get more speaking opportunities for the Success-Energy Equation once that book is done.

So what are the goals that you want for yourself personally and professionally?  Yes, write them down, and then write down the start date for what you want to do, and exactly what you’re going to do each week, in small steps.

It’s not good enough for me to say that I’m going to write the book. That’s a lot of work. So what I’ve started to do is one-week time frames. Between now and April 9th,   I’m going to write 7 pages of my book. I’ve written it down on my goals worksheet, this week I have to do my work on my book writing, and then on April 9th I’m absolutely going to check my progress.

On that check in I might have all the pages written, I might have only written 5, I might have written zero, but I’ll still check in, and I give myself that opportunity to feel a little bit guilty if I haven’t done the work. But then I’ll ask myself, “Well, why didn’t I do the work?”

The check in is not just so you can celebrate or feel guilty. The check in is so you can say “Okay, what worked, what didn’t, how do I need to course correct, and how do I keep moving forward?” We set goals so that we can achieve them, and small steps can absolutely be the way you get those big goals.

Get my goals worksheet here: 2018 goals worksheet www.worklifeenergy,  so that you can write down your own goals, and make sure that you subscribe to my blog so you can find out what else is coming down the pipe with the Success-Energy Equation.

Share this content with your friends, and for more motivation tips, watch last week’s video: Goals, Success and …Struggling? Now, go write down those goals, and check in with them regularly. You’ve got this!

Until next time, I’m Michelle Cederberg, helping you transform your work and your life, one success-energy idea at a time. We can love goals more than we actually do. We’ll love them more when we actually achieve them. This will help!

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