“An alcohol hangover comes after binge-drinking. A productivity hangover comes after binge-doing.”

~Ben Whiting

If you’re like so many busy people I talk with, you may find it challenging to switch from high-productivity and a hectic work schedule, to the slower relaxing pace of holidays. It just feels a bit uncomfortable.

Well, if you’ve been binging on to-do lists, and getting sh!t done week-after-week leading into the break, you’ll feel a bit of a let-down when you stop. Yes, a hangover of sorts.

In this week’s blog I talk about that very thing, and provide a few suggestions for easing into the relaxation your mind and body truly deserve.

I’m on holidays myself for the next couple of weeks, and the scramble I’m in right now means I’ll be taking my own advice once I step away. I’ll let you know how it goes for me, if you let me know how it goes for you!

Watch the video below, or read the transcript that follows, and enjoy the summer my friends!

Hey, Michelle Cederberg here, once again out for a morning walk with Islay, multitasking by creating a video for all of you. This week I want to talk about how difficult it is to just stop working when holidays come, or when you’ve got time off.

I’ve spoken to no less than three people this week who are saying how difficult it has been for them to just set work aside and enjoy their holiday time. Two of them are entrepreneurs and one of them works for a company here in Calgary and is doing a staycation, and they’re all admitting how hard it is to stop.

And I guess it’s not surprising, and you can think of it a little bit like having a Productivity Hangover. You’ve been working so hard, and putting in the hours, and digging in, and feeling the stress, and all of that fatigue, and all of a sudden you stop.

Well, your mind and body then say, “I don’t know what to do with myself!”

Here’s a thought. Listen to what your mind and body are asking for!

Interestingly, as an entrepreneur, sometimes I don’t feel the need or desire to take time off because I’m excited about the work that I’m doing. But, there are times when I’m definitely at the end of my rope with fatigue, and travel (now that that’s back), and realizing, “You know what, I just need to step away.”

So, listen to your body because you could determine, “I’ve got the time off, but this is a perfect opportunity for me to dig into projects that I don’t normally have time for.” And you can be excited about that.

At the same time, you may say, “You know what, I really just need to prioritize myself and my family and FUN!” And that’s okay too.

Listen to your body. Do as my dog Islay says, and maybe go for a swim in the river. She’s such a nut bar.

I’m off to Nashville this week, I’m on holidays next week. You’re going to be seeing some interesting things in the inbox while I’m gone, but in the meantime, think about whether you are experiencing a productivity hangover.

If you need to work, give yourself grace. Maybe you give yourself an hour in the morning to check emails and do a little bit of work before everybody else wakes up, and then allow yourself to be in holiday mode when the rest of the family is around.

Maybe you decide, “I’m going to do a pure, no-work weekend.” That’s a good thing. I speak on work-life balance, and I can tell you, it’s absolutely do-able…and beneficial. If you have to, think about the ways that you can creep work in without disrupting your family plans.

I know that the need to work feels urgent at times, but trust me when I say (and you can check last week’s video), set your out of office messages, and create the right environment to be able to step away, and you’ll be able to enjoy some restorative, relaxing holiday time.

The sunny weather is here, the river is calling, Islay wants my full attention… So, until next time, I’m Michelle Cederberg reminding you, you’ve got one chance to do this life, I say Dare to Live It Big, and dare to embrace a little bit of a productivity hangover, even if it feels awkward at first.

It’s holiday time. Grab a cocktail, go sit in the sunshine. You got this!

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