“Make yourself your priority. At the end of the day, you’re your longest commitment .”

~ Unknown

I’ve known myself a long time, so I’ve learned when it’s necessary for me to pause and regain a bit of perspective. How about you? Do you listen to your mind and body when it tells you what it needs? It’s a good time of year to check in with yourself.

Last week I talked about the lack of motivation I had through July and August, and how that down time has paved the way for a bit of a reset. I’m feeling pretty energized again, so this week I thought I would reintroduce myself as part of that reset, and share a bit more about what’s on the horizon for me.

I also have an ASK of YOU, so watch the video below (or read the transcript that follows), to learn what it is, and let’s hit autumn with a whole bunch of “HECK YEAH!”


Hey. Michelle Cederberg here continuing my messaging around reset. Last week, I talked about doing a little bit of a reset for myself because I was feeling unmotivated through July and August. And so, today, I thought that I would do a reset about who I am. You might have been following me for years, you might just have started following me, so I thought maybe I’ll do a reintroduction of myself as part of a reset.

My name is Michelle Cederberg. I am a full-time professional speaker, a part-time professional coach, (have been since 2010). I’m an author of several books, including a new one that’s coming out soon… I’ll tell you about that in a moment… And, when I’m not working, I’m a mountain biker, and a road rider. I love my bicycles. I always say, “I don’t have kids. I have bikes.” I love gardening. I’m a snowboarder in the winter. I am a doggy parent. I am not a kid parent, and that’s gratefully by choice. And I say that because some people want kids and can have them. And I decided that I didn’t want them, and I’m grateful for that because I met my hubby later in life, so it might now have been an option. We love our dog and we loved our Lilly-dog who passed in November. Some of you know about her. I’m married to Ewan and have been since 2012. He’s my wonderful photographer, videographer husband, and he is my rock. We live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where we do as much as we can to balance playtime with work. I speak about work-life balance, and stress management, and resilience. And so, I really choose to walk my talk.

Now, I come to this work I do through the fitness realm. I have a masters in Kinesiology and a BA in Psychology. When I was finished, my master’s, I was a teacher at Mount Royal College (when it was a college) in the phys ed department. That job motivated me to do more professional speaking because I loved the teaching part, and I hated the marking! I bow down to all of you educators out there. You do amazing work. I also worked as a personal trainer and a fitness consultant for many, many years at a gym in Calgary. And through that work, I started to realize that as individuals, we all have this need for a better understanding of our health and life balance, and that perhaps, it’s not just about getting physically healthy. And by that, I mean, when we take care of our physical health, we do boost our emotional health, our spiritual health, and our mental health… and we tend to downplay how important those parts are.

My website is michellecederberg.com, and my tagline is, “Empowering today’s dreamers, leaders, and go-getters to create the life and career that they want.” As somebody who comes from the world of fitness, that sounds more like a business tagline – empowering today’s dreamers, leaders, and go-getters to create the life and career that they want – but I really am about helping people live a bigger life. I became a coach because I kept meeting people who had no idea how extraordinary they truly are. And I wanted to do my part to meet individuals, and help them actually see their brilliance, and move them towards greater things in their own life. Fitness is a catalyst. It’s part of the journey. It’s not the entire journey. What I feel about our health is that when we take care of our physical health, we boost our emotional capacity, our mental health, our social wellness, and even our spiritual wellness. We then start to believe in ourselves more.

On October 27th, I’m releasing my newest book, called The Success Energy Equation, How to Regain Focus, Recharge Your Life and Really Get Sh!t Done. The book talks about all of the things I’ve learned in my almost 20 years in this business. I’m excited to share it with you. So, if you’re not already following me on my various channels, do so below, so you can learn about the pre-release and learn how to get that book in your hot little hands. I’m super excited about it. In the book I talk about how when we can get clear with ourselves about what’s important to us in our lives, when we can clarify our goals, it helps our focus and discipline. And when we use health as a driver of success, it’ll boost our belief in ourselves. It’ll boost our ability to do the freaking work. When we ignore our health, we will be successful on some levels, but certainly not always at the level that we are truly capable.

I think that all of us have within us, this amazing wealth of possibility that we can harness even more readily when we take care of our physical body and the brilliant mind in it. So, coming up this fall, I’m going to start interviewing, once a month, people that I’m interested in talking to. I’m going to share that in my weekly messages. I would also like to hear your questions. If you have questions for me about how to be more resilient, how to have better life balance, how to find more success, how to feel better about yourself, if you just have a question about life, I want you to email me at hello@michellecederberg.com and send me that question. The answer may end up in one of my weekly videos.

I’m also going to be doing my regular info sharing and fun, quirky videos along the way. Sign up for my socials below, and share this post with somebody who might need a little reset themselves as we head into this next stage of fall, and COVID management, and all of the craziness. Yes, we’re in crazy times, but I also know that we have within us the capacity to get ourselves through this. And it might require a little bit of creativity and a bit of a reset. So, why don’t you come along with me on this journey? October 27th is the book release. Sign up below, share this video. Until next time I’m reminding you, you’ve got one chance to do this life. I say Dare to Live It Big, and don’t be afraid to, every now and then, to choose a bit of a reset to take care of yourself.


It may be awhile until we call all gather safely in large groups, but that doesn’t mean your team doesn’t still need training, education and even inspiration. I’ve set up a home studio, and have been providing online sessions since April that are tech-sound, fun and interactive! If your organization needs a break from the work-from-home routine to learn how to boost resilience, work-life balance and productivity, reach out to chat about my engaging online sessions!


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Empowering today’s dreamers, leaders and go-getters to create the life and career they want.


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